Bike Racing , Quad Racing ,                     Truck Racing, Mud Pit , And                               Obstical Course                    

Call: (855) 282-1556
HC 78 Box 91 A,
Augusta, WV 26704-9616

                                                                      Drag Racers, Please note : You Must Be Registered By 1 pm 

              Dirt DragTrack is: 300 ft. and 500 ft. Drag Races                                          Shut Down is: 900 ft. to 1100 ft.                                                 We race: mini mini's To Nitromethane Top fuel                         2014 we will also be drag racing pickup trucks,adding a                mud pit,an obstical course and an awesome  hill  climb 

Our track is a combination of clay and sand We are a fun family atmosphere,everyone is welcome !


  Mountaineer Motorcross LLC in Augusta, West Virginia,  Come by on the weekends or contact us for a weekday adventure.

                   Come ride at your leisure on our 150 acres of land that features dirt tracks for all kinds of fun in the dirt .

                                                                                                                                      A photo of Randy Williamson (Gizmo) Top Fuel Class. At Mountaineer Motorcross llc. And Dirt Drags 2013 .                 
Here at Mountaineer Motorcross And Dirt Drags, we have :The Drag Track, we have the XC Track, and this year in 2014 we have added a Mud Pit, and an Obstical Course. We will be Racing Trucks on the Drag Track this year in addition to Quads and Motorcycles. We will also be adding at the request of some racers a 300 ft. Test'N'Tune and a couple of 300 ft Races for Quads and Motorcycles.

Contact us for more information and come enjoy dirt bike and XC racing with us this weekend!

Find us by the Liberty Gas Station at Route 50 East & Route 29 South.

Take Route 29 South 1.5 miles